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Personal & Service




Zustand der Unterkunft

1/5 – Ungenügend

Mit einer Gruppe gereist
Verbesserungswürdig: Sauberkeit, Zustand der Unterkunft und Komfort des Zimmers
Disappointed stay
Disappointed, Hotel general manager confirmed that airport transfer is booked by email Arrived at the airport called the resort saying I couldn’t find the airport transfer. Hotel informed me that is not organised and asking me to take taxi. After check in , our 2nd bedroom bathtub is not working , had to ask someone to come and fix it, so when running the hotel from the tab, it all came yellow colour. On the 2nd day, our main bedroom - the toilet can’t flush and have to ask someone to fix for another problem All this issues should be done and checked before we check in Also we ordered the room service on first day when we arrived, after finished the food, someone can and do the housekeeping service on the second day, they took our dirty tray and plate outside (in front of our villa) and no one collect it till the next day Also the 2nd bedroom smells really bad and no one fix at all Overall disappointing stay, wrote the issues to general manager by email yesterday and still haven’t get replied yet, what a service. Anyway the money we paid is not much so can’t expect much but very disappointed
Aufenthalt von 3 Nächten im Oktober 2019

1/5 – Ungenügend

Verbesserungswürdig: Sauberkeit und Zustand der Unterkunft
Aufenthalt von 2 Nächten im September 2019

3/5 – Okay

Mit der Familie und kleinen Kindern gereist
Gut: Sauberkeit und Personal & Service
빌라는 크고 잘 정리 되어 있었으나, 수도물이 매우 짭니다. 그리고 빌라의 수영장물은 매우 깨끗하지만, 리조트의 대형 수영장은 바닥에 휴지등 찌꺼기가 가라앉아 있거나 떠 있고, 이것을 직원들이 걷어내지 않습니다. 직원들은 매우 친절하지만 이런 점들이 아쉽네요
Aufenthalt von 3 Nächten im Juli 2019

1/5 – Ungenügend

Verbesserungswürdig: Sauberkeit, Personal & Service, Zustand der Unterkunft und Komfort des Zimmers
Terrible Experience & Stay
1-no lights in toilet. n no air con. stuffy n smelly. can't see anything when showering 2-sewage smell in one of e villa room 3-Wi-Fi doesnt cover all e villa rooms. it's very weak to no wifi at all in other rooms 4-villa suddenly no electricity. lights can't on sometimes 5-when toilet flush. totally no water to shower 6-everything receptionist also duno.. they need ask senior. n juniors are always alone 7-furnitures are old n dirty 8-outdoor lounge dinning chair cushions r missing 9-TV channels suddenly all gone 10-breakfast every day same and not nice 11-prawn crackers very soggy 12-utensils smell bad 13-use soup spoon for meal 14-main door will rattle when wind blows. can't sleep 15-sofa very dirty at living room. housekeeping never bother clean proper before guest comes 16-lights got spider web 17-ceiling dirty n moldy 18-bathroom room flood when shower 19-dusty and dirty and old 20-Location is terrible. Very Far in. Not much amenities available as well. Need a full time driver to drive in and out the premise for meals. Even good Balinese restaurants are hard to find there. 21-Dangerous as roads towards the Villa is very dark. No lamp post at all. Definitely need to have a trusted driver to drive in. 22-Water is very dirty & smelly & salty. Dont use their tap water to brush teeth. Buy mineral water to brush teeth.
Aufenthalt von 3 Nächten im Oktober 2018

4/5 – Gut

Gut: Sauberkeit, Personal & Service und Komfort des Zimmers
location chosen near our friend's wedding place
very relaxing location. enjoyed the private pool, the ocean view, quietness and good breakfast. staff were friendly and helpful. some observations: the location was very isolated. required transport to get to anywhere. the villa whilst large and comfortable could do with some basics re toaster, plates, cutlery, utensils - in the event one wanted to do some minor food preparation. the water supply was inconsistent - one day no hot water at all discussed these points with the manager who indicated that they had a plan to improve the facilities overall though a good place to stay
Aufenthalt von 9 Nächten im Juli 2018