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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Dallas, TX

Neglected hotel, poor management & renovation

Veröffentlicht am 26.06.2015
Although I did see that the hotel was under renovation. It wasn't clear that the hotel had been severely neglected prior to the renovation taking place. We reserved and paid for a non-smoking room with 2 dbl beds through Expedia. When we checked in a room with dbl beds wasn't available. The staff member said "they" have been over selling the hotel and hoping someone doesn't show up. Which is a very odd business strategy to announce to a hotel customer. In an effort to get us situated the compromise was to split us up in 2 rooms. We were given 1 smoking room and 1 non-smoking room on 2 different floors. I don't smoke and have asthma, so this could have been a disaster. This also meant that whomever checked in behind us probably wasn't even going to get a room. Absurd! The room wouldn't cool down. When I checked the thermostat it was already set to 60 degrees, I moved it down to 55 degrees to see if that would kick on cooler air. Nothing happened, just felt like a fan moving hot air. Exhausted I striped down and chose to check out in the morning - we were planning to stay 2 nights, but it was unbearable, hot, damp, and very neglected. It felt dingy to be in the rooms and hallways. On yeah, my shower didn't work either. You could only take a bath.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Barbados

The building is very old.

Veröffentlicht am 17.06.2015
Gut: Location is good if you're planning to go to downtown or taking public transportation
Lage: JFK Memorial Plaza, 6th Floor Museum, JFK Trolley, Dallas tour Trolley, Geo-Deck.
The building is very old, once you're inside the rooms, you can tell that they haven't been renewed in years. Location is good though, is located walking distance from several attractions; Dallas has a great public transportation service, so you can easily stay in any of the hotels away from downtown, and take de DART train, which will take you about 5-10 min, depending on where you are.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Chicago

Read This Before You Make Reservations

Veröffentlicht am 16.06.2015
Nicht so gut: Everything
Lage: Close to Convention
This hotel was dirty and it stinked. They were removing old building materials as salvage from the hotel. The curtains are mildewed stained and the carpets were filthy. Only one of the elevators worked with a maximum of four people in it as a time.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Dallas

Veröffentlicht am 14.06.2015
Gut: it was an okay window view even from room 601. It's always nice to be in a hotel that's right in the middle of downtown dallas
Nicht so gut: the air conditioner in our room was really old and didn't work to be honest. everything looked. worn out and aged.
it was unfun. to say the very least. But don't get me wrong I was grateful that I was able to get a room.
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Under conmstruction

Veröffentlicht am 04.06.2015
Gut: excellent location
Lage: Kennedy memorial, Main street, City walk
This hotel was constructed in 1925 and is in its original state. All public areas and the lift are a mess, the rooms correctly equipped, but you would expect a radio rather than a television. The hotel has just been taken over by Quality Inn, and they do a total overhaul, adding to the disarray. The Wifi is also from the twenties, it drove me nuts. Swinging wildly from full speed to full stop, interrupting randomly to log in anew, at any time of day and night. It only allows to send 4 letter words, anything longer will not pass. As it is, the hotel should offer deep discounts for guests willing to stay.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Houston

Worst hotel I stayed in

Veröffentlicht am 28.05.2015
Let me preface by saying I never write reviews but feel so compelled to do so now so no one ever stays bere. This was then worst hotel I have ber stayed in. The public corridors were disgusting, scratched up, dirty, dusty...use a bad adjective and that would describe it. The bedroom was even worse. There was a hair stand on our soap tray and it wasn't from us. The sheets smelled awful. The floors were dirty. The bathtub looked like it was going to fall apart. Only one AC unit worked. The alarm clock didn't have batteries. This hotel should be on "Hotel Impossible". Good luck to the management or future management.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden

Hotel is not as advertised

Veröffentlicht am 19.05.2015
Booked non-smoking room, was given a smoking room. Elevator was scary, only 4 people at a time Breakfast was disgusting, bacon looked steamed. Vagrants outside of hotel every night begging for money Outlets in bathroom did not work pillows were as hard as rocks
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Spring, Tx

Under renovation, should be under demolition!!

Veröffentlicht am 14.05.2015
Nicht so gut: EVERYTHING!!
Lage: Bad part of town, nasty hotel!!
$100 a nite for what, been traveling on the road for 5 years. Stay in 40 -50 hotels a year and this place is by far the worst I have ever stayed in!! Expedia you should have them checked out and take them off your site. There website shows all these great pictures.....Lies!! It is a good thing I have my CHL, my 9mm was by my bed!
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus Oregon

Do not stay here!

Veröffentlicht am 08.05.2015
Gut: Price?
Nicht so gut: Should be shut until removation is finished.
Lage: Close to convention center.
Construction makes this place unacceptable at any price. It is dirty, noisy. Fire alarm in my hotel was removed (certainly a violation). Only one elevator worked. and that had no ceiling. I walked up and down the 8 floors to my room. Carpet should not be walked on. I was locked out of my room by the door safety lock. Took 45 min to let me in. Breakfast, bed, and internet were fine. Location is good.
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von einem verifizierten Reisenden aus OKC, OK

Old, Historic, and Moldy

Veröffentlicht am 05.05.2015
We booked this hotel on Expedia because it was close to the music venue for a concert. It was also a book now and pay later. I had seen the bad reviews but thought we would be okay. However, most of this place looks like they haven't touched it since the 20s and that would be okay if they would've kept up with it. The elevator is the most sketchy aspect with peeling carpet, beat up wood, etc. Plus only 4 people can fit on it..again this would all be neat if they had kept up with it and kept the historical aspect alive. The room is shabby and even some motels could beat it. The bed was okay but the pillows were flat and old and our shower had black chunks all over it that if someone could have just rinsed it put before we got here it would've helped. Parking is far away and was 15 dollars. We used the state parking so we could get our car in and out because when we got here at almost 11pm after going out, the garage was locked up. The only good thing was the location, historical aspect to an extent, and the breakfast was better than what we had at the Sheraton near the Galleria. Wish we could've seen a would think they are all over this place and it would've made this place more interesting. Also, it would've been nice to know about the construction before arriving. Getting woken up early in the morning wasn't too nice.